10 Jade Scallops
11 Dragon & Phoenix Delight
12 Beef with String Bean in Black Bean Sauce
Beef with Fresh Tomato
Beef Broccoli
Combo Special Bean Sprouts
Combo Sesame Chicken
Combo Chicken Egg Foo Young
Combo Fried Chicken Wings
Combo Wings with Ginger & Garlic
Combo Wings with Spicy Sauce
Combo Shrimp with Lobster Sauce
Combo Pork Lo Mein
Combo Beef Broccoli
Combo General Tao's Chicken
Combo Fried Squid
Combo Shrimp with Hot Garlic Sauce
Combo Pork with Vegetable
Combo Pork with Ginger & Garlic
Combo Shrimp Curry
Combo Chicken Curry
Combo Honey Garlic Chicken
Combo Orange Beef
Combo Sweet & Sour Chicken
Combo Pepper Steak
Combo Cashew Chicken
Combo Mongolian Beef
Combo Chicken Broccoli
Combo Sha Cha Chicken
Combo B.B.Q. Pork
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